Fortnite system requirements


Fortnite: the survival game

Fortnite is a packed with action survival game where gamers lead a group of heroes in order to reclaim and rebuild an empty homeland left by a dark entity called “The Storm.”

Epic Games and People can Fly are the creators of the game, which is placed in a present-day Earth where the mysterious darkness is the responsible of the disappearance of most of the world’s inhabitants. Zombies rise and attack what’s left of humankind.

In the game, players have to cooperate to craft weapons as well as build fortified structures, explore, scavenge items, and fight monsters in order to hunt treasures and items needed to build and protect their possessions and people found in the Husks.

The core of the game is building and burying their loots.

Players can divide the missions into four whereabouts in the world. Some are available only after the story is progressing continuously, and distinctive sites for arranged events and for a mode called: Surviving the Storm.

Most missions take place in a generated landscape. Fortnite system requirements are both: minimal and recommended.

What are the Fortnite system minimal requirements?

The Fortnite system requires these minimum specifications:

  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU): A 2.4 Ghz Processor Intel® Core™ i3
  • The Ram Memory: 4 Gigabytes
  • The Operative System (OS): Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 64-bit
  • The video Card: Intel High Definition 4000

Fortnite system recommended requirements

  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU): A 2.8 Ghz Processor Intel® Core™ i5
  • The Ram Memory: 8 Gigabytes
  • The Operative System (OS): Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 64-bit
  • The Video Card: A recommended video card could be a GeForce® GTX 660 with Kepler and Nvidia surround technology or a AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 graphic card equal to DirectX 11 GPU Video Card

The Gameplay

  • Saving the world. In this mode, gamers have to explore, hunt items, design weapons, create secured structures and battle monsters.
  • Meta-Game Section. Here, players can rely on a set of weapons and traps, hero characters, secondary characters and resources.
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