Visa® Black Card Requirements


The Visa Black Card: The “Luxury Card”

Those days where having a Golden Card was a symbol of prestige are definitively gone. Today, there is a Black Card which represents the best choice for exclusiveness in card carriers. Black Card LLC is the American financial company that is responsible for the card.

This reward credit card, distributed by Barclays Bank Delaware, holds an annual membership fee of 495 $ for the account holder and 195 $ for the additional user on the account.

At the beginning of 2016, the bank company decided to change the name of its demanded Visa credit card to MasterCard with remarkable new features and some attractive alternatives with no heavy annual fee. Cardholders interested in this credit card must fulfill some requirements.

Card holders interested in the card can apply on the Web.  Nevertheless, the spending ability as well as the creditworthiness could be the cause of approval for those with minor accounts.

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Visa Black Card offers a significant initial limit

Cardholders usually have a higher income as well as the capacity to reimburse their cards. For this reason, the bank offers high-limited credit to the customers of the MasterCard Black.

In addition, the average of the spending allowances is up to $25.000. An increase is provided when the account is being used responsibly.

Like in other cards, cardholders have the chance of getting a rise higher than the initial amount if their payment history is kept on time, the payment amount per month is large, the department of credit information as well as the credit score are sustained and finally the usage of the card is with large amounts and every day.

All these benefits can be achieved by any cardholder if the Visa Black Card requirements are satisfied.

Black Card has a 495-dollar substantial fee a year and other benefits

There are plenty of benefits a cardholder can have including refund bonuses, a concierge service which runs 24/7, gifts, worldwide acceptance, and a luxury magazine.

When it comes to the concierge service, the card offers a diversity of services; such as entertainment planning, business services, gift arrangements, travel information, and assistance.

Also, this card provides not only a remarkable status but also a substantial $495 annual fee. The benefits of having a Black Card are many and luxurious.

Other benefits include the registration in special airport lounge programs, an insurance policy for travelling, extended warranty and purchase insurance.

Finally, cardholders can receive a 0 % on all purchases and balance transfers in Annual Percentage Rate financing during the first 15 months during the 45 days of the account opening.

Visa Black Card Requirements

Barclays does not openly publish the Visa Black Card Requirements to get the card, but some of the requirements are the following:

  • Outstanding FICO mark:

Obviously, this card demands outstanding credit rate on the FICO index, that generally goes over 720 or even more. In order for the bank to trust cardholders with a considerable spending limit, they need to pay back the loan on time, which will be reflected on FICO.

  • Card holder large spending and on-time card payments

This card does not need some of the spending restrictions presented on other cards, but cardholders have to become credit avid users and be responsible in their payments.

  • High earnings required

Cardholders need to make a lot of money so they can spend and charge as needed as well as having a outstanding job history, verified documents of income, and an on-time record of payments

Visa Black Card Vs American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige

This three cards are usually compared in eight categories:

  • Annual fee. In this category, Visa Black Card offers $495 per year as well as $195 for the authorized users. Meanwhile, American Express Platinum offers $550 per year and $175 the first three authorized users, and finally, Citi Prestige offers $450 plus $50 for each authorized users.
  • Current sign-up bonus. Visa Black Card gives 25.000 points after spending $1.500 in the first 90 days while American Express Platinum gives 60.000 points if the cardholder spends $5.000 in the first three months and Citi Prestige gives cardholders 40.000 when spending $4.000 in first three months.
  • Points earnings. Visa Black Card and American Express Platinum offer one point per dollar spent while Citi Prestige offers three dollars on air and hotel, two dollars on dining and entertaining and one dollar on other purchases.
  • Direct points redemptions. Visa Black Card and American Express Platinum allow cardholders to redeem points for cash or gift cards. When it comes to Citi Prestige, there are ThankYou points worth 1 cent apiece when they are used for gift cards or merchandise.
  • Transferring points. Visa Black Card offers none, while American Express Platinum gives members reward points that are transferred to any of the partner airlines and hotels. Citi Prestige gives members reward points that are transferred to any of the partner airlines.
  • Fee credits. Visa Black Card offers none. American Express Platinum offers $200 towards airline fees and Citi Prestige $250 credit to card membership per year for airline fees.
  • Service for Customers. On one hand, the Black Card promoted by Visa offers concierge service which runs 24-hour. In addition, it offers, services with entertainment activities, gift purchases, and many others. On the other hand, the card branded by American Express offers private Concierge service for reservations in restaurants, organizing entertainment activities, and other advantages. Finally, Citi Prestige offers caretaking service, which helps card members to purchase souvenirs, entertaining activities, and other requirements involving traveling and entertainment.
  • Lounge admission. Visa Black Card allows card holders to enjoy the benefits of owing a membership with limitless access in more than 350 lounges around the world. Meanwhile, American Express Platinum offers additional access to Clubs such as Delta SkyClubs, and American Express Centurion lounges located in Nevada. It also offers selected membership in 600 locations in La Guardia. On the other hand, Citi Prestige gives exclusive access membership for close family members or 2 visitors which are admitted charge free. In addition, cardholders with remarkable income have access to some exclusive clubs.

Is the Black Card for you?

The former Visa Black card, now MasterCard Black Card is one that cardholders should be carrying around in their pocket, assuming if they meet the strict application requirements. Only cardholders can decide if the $495 annual cost of carrying one of those is worth the benefits.

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